Trolley Dash to the Osteopath

Trolley Dash to the Osteopath

Apr 19, 2012
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Recent conversations with patients have alerted us to the fact that many people may be putting unnecessary strain on their backs whilst doing the weekly shop.  The problems, apart from lifting heavy items into and out of the car stem from the way they push the trolley.

If you watch most people in the supermarket they will haul the trolley around to the side when they get to the end of the aisle.  This involves planting both feet on the floor and rotating the trolley to the right or left until it is pointing in the right direction whilst trying to maintain forward momentum and avoid people coming the other way.

This rotational movement puts a lot of strain through the sacro-iliac joints in the lower back/pelvis region and strain of these joints can produce severe, one-sided pain in the lower back.  This is a very common complaint amongst our new patients and fortunately osteopathy can be very helpful in relieving this type of back pain.  However, this can be eliminated by stopping, revolving the trolley on the spot until it is pointing in the right direction then moving off again.

In order to help avoid making your shopping trip more painful here are our top tips for pain free shopping;

  1. 1. Use the trolley correctly – when you get to the end of the aisle stop the trolley and walk around it holding the handle until you are pointing in the right direction then push off again.  This will avoid putting too much strain on the lower back.
  2. 2. Distribute the weight better – Most of us fill the far end of the trolley with fruit and vegetables first (as they are usually at the front of the supermarket).  This means that the trolley will be harder to manoeuvre.  Try putting the fruit and veg in the middle of the trolley, leaving space at the near end for heavy items and space at the front for lighter things.
  3. 3. Buy heavy things online – If your weekly shop includes pre-packaged heavy items, get them delivered.  Typical examples include bottles of water, tinned products and alcohol.  When you next visit the supermarket you will only need to buy the light, fresh products and may only need a small trolley.
  4. 4. Ask for assistance – most large supermarkets would be happy to provide a member of staff to help you pack your shopping and help you to the car with it if you are having difficulty.  If you have back pain or you feel it is very heavy ask the cashier if they would get someone to help.
  5. 5. Spread the load – when you get home in the car get family members to help unload the car.  They may not like it but it’ll get done much more quickly!

By following these tips we can’t guarantee you will enjoy the weekly shop but hopefully you will avoid back pain.

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