Top Tip for Good Back Health at Work

Top Tip for Good Back Health at Work

Mar 7, 2012
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A recent Canadian study has shown that fidgeting and getting up frequently at work can help to keep you much fitter than sitting still at a computer all day.  This is because the muscles are activated more often and more energy is burnt resulting in increased fitness.

There is also a massive advantage to moving around at work for your back.  Many people recognise the importance of having a good chair at work that is adjustable in height, seat angle, arm positions and lumbar support according to guidelines for correct ergonomic work position and workstation assessments.  These help to prevent back pain and neck strain.  But it’s not that simple.  You can have the best chair in the world but if you sit on it badly then you will still have back and neck problems.

Imagine that you get to work and sit at your desk in a good, upright position with good lumbar (lower back) curve – a good ergonomic position.  After half an hour you may have begun to slouch, your lumbar curve is lost and your position is poor.  You may be sat at the
desk until lunch time, four hours after you sat down.  If the same is true in the afternoon you will have been sitting poorly for seven to eight hours!  That’s a lot of bad forces going through your back and neck possibly resulting in neck discomfort, back pain, headaches and
repetitive strain injuries.

Now imagine that every half hour you simply stand up …. and sit back down again.  Each time you sit down you adopt the correct posture and manage to maintain it for most of the next half hour until you stand up again.  In one day you will have been sitting correctly for more than three quarters of the day.  Total work time lost – none.

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